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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers and solutions to commonly asked questions


How much does it cost to use Strait.PMS? Can I trial Strait.PMS? Does Strait.PMS run on my computer or is it web-based? Will I have to pay for system updates? Why is Strait.PMS so much cheaper than the competition? What is the minimum/maximum recommended property size for Strait.PMS?


Can you import data from my existing system into Strait.PMS? How long will it take to setup Strait.PMS for my business?

Channel Management

Do I have to use channel management? Which websites/sales agents does Strait.PMS interface with? Do I have to pay commission or any per reservation fees on bookings from systems updated by Strait.PMS? Does Strait.PMS link up with GDS/CRS systems? Why does Strait.PMS not link up with more websites/systems? Does Strait.PMS guarantee no overbooking? Does Strait.PMS support all features on websites/sales channels? What is your linking policy?

Telephone / Internet Systems

Which PABX / Telephone systems does Strait.PMS interface with? Does Strait.PMS offer a managed wireless internet system?


Is Strait.PMS properly supported? Is support available out of hours? Does the system include backup features? I have some suggestions/comments to make about your software..


Is Strait.PMS PCI-DSS Compliant?


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