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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers and solutions to commonly asked questions


How much does it cost to use Strait.PMS? Can I trial Strait.PMS? Does Strait.PMS run on my computer or is it web-based? Will I have to pay for system updates? Why is Strait.PMS so much cheaper than the competition? What is the minimum/maximum recommended property size for Strait.PMS?


Can you import data from my existing system into Strait.PMS? How long will it take to setup Strait.PMS for my business?

Channel Management

Do I have to use channel management? Which websites/sales agents does Strait.PMS interface with? Do I have to pay commission or any per reservation fees on bookings from systems updated by Strait.PMS? Does Strait.PMS link up with GDS/CRS systems? Why does Strait.PMS not link up with more websites/systems? Does Strait.PMS guarantee no overbooking? Does Strait.PMS support all features on websites/sales channels? What is your linking policy?

Telephone / Internet Systems

Which PABX / Telephone systems does Strait.PMS interface with? Does Strait.PMS offer a managed wireless internet system?


Is Strait.PMS properly supported? Is support available out of hours? Does the system include backup features? I have some suggestions/comments to make about your software..


Is Strait.PMS PCI-DSS Compliant?


Server Upgrade We have upgraded our main NZ server boosting its speed and capacity by 50%. Our services are now lightening fast as a result. 19/07/17

FREE Smartphone Booking Engine & Website and Facebook Button We are pleased to announce our new smartphone booking engine and website, in addition to our new Facebook Booking Widget, which is all FREE for current subscribers of our ZERO Commission Online Booking service. Read more >

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